Deeper Into Darkness by Maria Ann Green #BookReview

TITLE: Deeper Into Darkness | AUTHOR: Maria Ann Green| PUBLISHER: Self-Published | PUBLISHED ON: April 12, 2019 | PAGES: 317| RATING: 5 hooks out of 5 | SOURCE: Copy provided by author for review consideration.
**NOTE: Deeper Into Darkness is the second book in the Darkness series. Click HERE for my review of the first book, Nothing But Darkness.**

My Thoughts:

Well here’s a first. I never thought serial killer romance would be a niche genre I’d be into, but here we are. I enjoyed Aidan’s story in the first Darkness book, even with its extremely violent and sexual undertones which I’d normally shy away from in non-horror books. So I had fairly high hopes for the sequel. Hopes that have been completely blown away, because I completely loved this book!

First off, I absolutely loved, LOVED that the story is from Bee’s perspective. There aren’t nearly enough female serial killer stories out there, and that alone sold me from the beginning. As a character, you can’t help but love Bee (even though you really probably shouldn’t, what with the whole murderer thing). She’s fierce and violent and immoral, but also deeply human and sympathetic. I loved the depth to her character, and the complex, conflicted feelings I had about her.

The tone of this book is completely different from book one in the series, but it never felt forced or disconnected because of the fact that we’ve got a brand new narrator and therefore a completely new and unique voice. The tone here was also much more my speed than Aidan’s story. There’s still plenty of killing and sex, but it’s far less violent and explicit while still maintaining the sort of sexy shock factor that the author does so well in the first book. The cat and mouse game between Bee and her victims is completely chilling, and I loved every page. It also felt like the stakes were much higher in this book, and I found myself extremely deeply invested in the plot, dying to find out what would happen next!

I really enjoyed seeing Aidan and Bee’s courtship in the first book, so it was fantastic to get a deeper look into their engagement from Bee’s point of view. I know I complain a lot about romance in non-romance books, but it’s so well done here and so central to the plot that instead of bothering me, it completely absorbed me. Their emotions are so raw and real and intense. They really jump off the page and again serve to make it nearly impossible not to sympathize with Bee as she and Aidan face the ups and downs of their relationship. Plus, what’s not to love about a serial killer power couple?

I seriously devoured this book, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next through the plot’s twists and turns. I found myself just a little bit in love with Bee, and, charismatic as Aidan was in the first book, I felt that Bee’s perspective lent itself better to providing more depth to the story. And, obviously no spoilers but UGH, that ending! THAT ENDING. A fantastic page-turner of a thriller, trust me when I say that you’re going to want to get into this series before the next book comes out.

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