Black Water by Whitney Skoreyko #BookReview

TITLE: Black Water | AUTHOR: Whitney Skoreyko | PUBLISHER: Self-published | PUBLISHED ON: September 5, 2018 | PAGES: 205 | RATING: 3 hooks out of 5 | SOURCE: Copy provided by author

My Thoughts:

I like going into books more or less blind, knowing as little as possible about them. Usually that works out well, but every so often the mood reader in me gets burned by a book that isn’t what I had it set up in my head as. This book was not exactly what I was expecting. I had it in my head that it was a straight-up thriller, but what I got was more of a romantic suspense. Not a bad thing necessarily, but unexpected.

Okay so, as you’ve probably guessed, this book had a much larger romance element than I was expecting. That was really the biggest pitfall of the book for me, partially because I’m not a huge romance fan, partially because the whole thing felt far too instalove for my tastes. Hannah locks eyes with “the green eyed man” across a room and immediately falls for him despite the fact that he’s throwing up more red flags than a soccer ref. It didn’t feel realistic at all and their whole budding relationship really bugged me.

The actual mystery part of the novel was definitely intriguing though. I finished the book in one sitting because I wanted to know where the mystery was going, and the resolution was extremely unexpected, which I appreciated. I liked seeing everything come together, it was satisfying without being over the top neat and tidy. I also enjoyed the shifting perspective, which, to an extent, helped a little with the red flags I mentioned above, but not entirely. I do think it was an interesting idea though and it worked well in this story.

Now, I have to get something off my chest with this book that really, really bothered me: if you’re going to set your book in a city you aren’t familiar with, you need to do your research! I’m a detail-oriented reader, so when I read something that I know is incorrect, it bugs the everloving shit out of me and will completely take me out of the story. There is no Uber in Victoria, and no one is waiting for days for a plane to Vancouver (or vice versa, from Vancouver back to Victoria): there are nine million flights a day, a ferry, and 2 other cities within a 3 hour drive where you could also catch a flight or ferry. Like I said, I finished this book in one sitting so it didn’t completely ruin it for me, but it really stuck out to me as something that should have been caught since it’s so easy to verify.

As a debut indie book, this book was pretty well put together. It wasn’t flawless, and could have used a bit more fact-checking, but that’s fine and a book doesn’t need to be perfect to be enjoyable. It was a quick read, and while I did have my issues with it, I found it to be an entertaining read. I don’t think I was necessarily the right audience for this book given my general hangups with romance mixed into other genres, but if that your kind of thing, I’d say this book is worth a read.

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