My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren #BookReview

TITLE: My Favorite Half-Night Stand | AUTHOR: Christina Lauren | PUBLISHER: Gallery Books | PUBLISHED ON: December 4, 2018 | PAGES: 384 | RATING: 4 hooks out of 5 | SOURCE: Netgalley

My Thoughts:

Contemporary romance isn’t necessarily a genre I’d call my “thing.” Romance in general tends to be a genre I largely avoid. But sometimes, you just need some fluff, and this book caught my eye as the perfect palate cleanser after finishing another less-than-stellar book. Fluff is what I came for, and fluff is what I got, but with humour and intelligence that I truly wasn’t expecting going in.

Millie is a criminology professor who surrounds herself with work and her crew of her best guy friends. She doesn’t really get out or date much following a bad breakup years before from the man who is now her boss. But when an important event comes up that requires a plus one, Millie and her four guy friends agree to try online dating together. Easier said than done when there are already feelings involved in the group…

This story was super cute. It’s predictable of course, but not in a bad way. It’s your typical rom-com with a side of catfish. Honestly, as far as fluffy romance novels go, this one was really well done. Millie actually feels like a well-rounded human being with real problems and dreams and feelings. Yes, there’s your typical “it’s all just a misunderstanding!” plotline but again, done in a way that felt fresh and realistic. And this novel was funny as hell. More than once I had to stop for a second because I was laughing too hard to keep reading. I found myself really involved in the story, and I read the book in two sittings because I couldn’t tear myself away! I needed to know whether things would work out for Millie.

I surprised myself a little bit with just how much I enjoyed this book. Sure, it’s a total popcorn read and it isn’t exactly high literature, but man is it fun. I loved every page of this book, and it was just what I needed after my bad breakup with my previous read. Christina Lauren is definitely going on my list of go-to authors when I need something that’s fun and fluffy, but still intelligent and emotionally satisfying.

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