New Blog, Who Dis?

That’s right my friends, the day you’ve all (probably not really) been waiting for is finally here – I’ve finally made good on my repeated statements that I was migrating my blog to WordPress! I’m really excited by all the new features and options I’ll have versus my old blog, plus, look! Shiny domain name that’s all mine!

Now, I’m still very much in the process of migrating things over, but I’ve got plans baby! Here’s what you can expect in the near future:

  1. I have a few brand spanking new reviews that I’ll be posting shortly, so keep an eye out for that.
  2. I’ve created a page here for my 2018 reviews, so if you’re looking for my Blogspot reviews, they’re still easily accessible through the new site. This is still a work in progress, but bear with me, it’ll be done soon!
  3. While crocheting was never intended to be the main portion of my blog, I do want to incorporate it a little better. Not least of all so that my handle is a little less scandalous. To that end, books are now rated out of 5 hooks, and stay tuned for a monthly crochet feature!
  4. Up until now, I’ve posted pretty much exclusively reviews. Those will still form the meat of the blog, but I’ll be adding a few other fun features like wrap-ups and listicles. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, drop me a comment!

So there you have it, lots of new things coming and I hope you’ll stick with me for the ride as I put the last little touches on getting this thing up and running!

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